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Royal Netherlands Airforce Fokker F70 PH-KBX

Royal Netherlands Airforce Fokker F70 PH-KBX

Mr G the Sheep
Delivered new from the factory with VIP interior to the queen of the Netherlads on the 12th of March 1996. The registation 'KBX' stands for Konining BeatriX (Queen BeatriX), eventhough she is now princess again and her son the King of the Netherlands, Willem Alexander, uses this jet. The Government of the Netherlands uses this jet as well. On the 31st of March 2015, the government announced the Fokker 70 will be replaced by 2018. Which aircraft will replace the Fokker 70, will be decided this year (2015). Original template model by me. Feel free to download and don’t forget to like :) #70 #Airforce #beatrix #fokker #holland #Je_Maintendrai #KBX #koning #Mr_G_the_Sheep #Netherlands #ph #regeringstoestel #Royal #Royal_Netherlands_Airforce #WillemAlexander
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