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All models of DM Góral

All models of DM Góral

DM Góral is a small delivery car, produced by DM from 2015. "Góral " in Polish means "mountaineer". Serial version was preceded by 3 prototypes: - Góral AWD with four-wheel drive; - Góral Electric with electric power - Góral Long, or extended version of Góral, lamps of this prototype was used in the series model After the presentation of prototypes, on the road appeared a series of trial. The resulting three pre-production versions of Góral: - Góral S - pickup - Góral A - special version for army - Góral Van There has also been one copy of the car Goral Sahara, designed for off-road rallies. When, trial series of Góral was tested, at its base it was built a few units of the DM Swing. Swing did not hit, however, to the production lines. At the end of May 2015 series production of DM Góral began. The car is offered in three body variants (two pickups and a van) and with three power sources (combustion engine, Stirling engine and electric drive). DM Goral is sold in two trim levels. The poor version C (pickup only) stands out from the outside different grille, lack of fog lamps, black mirrors without direction and a different exhaust. The best-equipped version of Góral is Góral S. Although the DM Góral recognized excellent off-road performances, we created his off-road version Tiger and the military version A. Due to low sales, in autumn 2015 the DM Góral facelift (under a new name Aquila Monticola) will be presented, as the 2016 model year. I apologize for the quality of description, while translating I have also helped in Google Translator. #2015 #all #black #c #car #deliver #dm #e #electric #factory #góral #model #mountaineer #pickup #poland #polish #s #van #white
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