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Victorian Era Corner Shop House

Victorian Era Corner Shop House

Steam Punk Style Saloon Art Nouveau and Victorian Era Inspired Building 3-floor Corner Lot Parlor Shop Molded Iron Columns line exterior Carved Stone Facade in Tropical Foliage and Eastern Motifs Wrought iron curved ballustrades with Silver-plated designs 2nd storey balcony with patterned wrought iron catwalk iron 2 seater cafe table for balcony Tent-style canopy for balcony roof Single-piece Wrought Iron Spiral Staircase next to side entrace Molded timber Saloon-style swinging doors for front entrance Sculpted timber main staircase Elliptical window frames with floor to ceiling glass Padded leather bar, with brass trimmings and molded timber construction Booth seats in velvet buttoned upholstery for indoor diners 4 chair dinner tables Venetian Curtains Glass and brass pendant lamps Plaster molding on ceilings 3m X 2m raised stage Topmost floor with dormer windows on roof
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