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Alitalia Boeing 747-243 I-DEMB

Alitalia Boeing 747-243 I-DEMB

sorry for not sketchupping for a while iv been really really busy but im back now with an italian 747 :D Alitallia has had 21 747's over the years and 18 of them were the -200 varient. ( 2 were -100's and 1 was a -400) This was there 4th 742 and was regestered I-DEMB. She and her sister aircraft flew alitalia's long haule routes from the early 1970's to the Late 1990's, but I-DEMB was sold to Boeing in 1980. Boeing leased her to cargolux (after modifying her into a -200F model) and cargolux leased her to Kabo air. She returned to cargolux in october 1982 and returned to boeing in november 1982. After being leased to Overseas national airways (ONA) during 1983, she was leased to PeopleExpress in 1984. People Express was bought by Continental in 1987 and she served with them until she was transfered to Continental Microneisia in 1995. She was scrapped in 2001. Thanks to 707 :) #747200 #747243 #Alitalia #Boeing #Boeing_747 #Continental #Continental_microneisia #Kabo_air #ONA #People_express
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