A small chest. Dimensions: 3' wide x 1' 9" deep x 1' 7 high. The dynamic* lid will open and close when clicked with the interact tool. *NOTE: To work properly, a dynamic component (DC) must be imported into a Sketchup model. You can do this by importing the DC directly from the 3D Warehouse or you can download the DC and then import it from the skp file. To import directly from the 3D Warehouse, select Windows→Components in Sketchup, find the DC, click "Download," and choose "Yes" when asked to "Load this directly into your Sketchup model?" If you download the DC as a skp file, you can import it into any Sketchup model by selecting File→Import. If you download a DC as a skp file and then open it directly in Sketchup, the DC will not work. #arts_and_crafts #chest #craftsman #furniture #mission
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