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Hotel Carolina

Hotel Carolina

This is a model of a building in my hometown that has been altered and distorted signficantly to resemble a mid-rise “skyscraper” rather than an abnormally wide and tall low-rise that it is presently (it is the largest and one of the tallest historic commercial structures in Downtown Sylva). This building is the old Hotel Carolina, which was originally built as the Jackson Hotel in 1920 and later expanded and renamed after a fire engulfed a competing hotel in 1923. It was closed in the 1950s and today, despite the presence of retail on the lower floors, the upper floors remain a largely empty time capsule full of items stored there by previous owners. The building is in need of a complete rehab, but would be hard to use for much at its present size, thus this concept has added three additional floors to the existing four and a new penthouse to make it more feasible for renovation. Feel free to use this model as you see fit, on the condition that you contact me first so I know where it is being used (I'd love to see it wherever it ends up), and give me a mention or credit wherever it is used or published. #HistoricArchitecture #ExtensionConcept #NorthCarolina #Sylva
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