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Skum Acoustics - Mocka BT - Bass traps (Basotect foam)

Skum Acoustics - Mocka BT - Bass traps (Basotect foam)

Skum Acoustics
The MOCKA BT bass traps (low frequency acoustic absorbers) are specially designed to be mounted in the corners or the edges of rooms, their smooth profiled is specially designed to complement the absorption at low-frequencies in acoustic treatments with MOCKA tiles or MOLN panels. They are extremely effective in reducing the low-frequency effects of the room resonant modes, commonly associated with the 'boomy effect' (low-frequency accumulation) that is often heard in untreated rooms. They are made of fireproof acoustic foam Basotect®, which has a high sound absorption performance, better durability and the best fire-resistance: Class 1. Mocka BT has excellent sound absorption levels in a wide range of frequencies (broadband absorption). Bass traps with a simple design, 300 x 300 x 600mm pieces. Boxes of 4 or 8 units, to cover up to 4 corners. Basotect® acoustic foam, colour: white or light grey; Fire class M1. by Skum Acoustics #acondicionamiento_acústico #acoustic_absorbers #bass_traps #basstrap #Skum_Acoustics #sound_treatment #traitement_acoustique #trampas_de_graves #tratamento_acústico #tratamiento_acústico
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