Tiny House 8x24 no loft  - roof deck

Tiny House 8x24 no loft - roof deck

Frankie Benka
Exterior dimensions 8' x 20'. Inside 7' x 19'. Each item is a component so it can be moved, deleted, duplicated, hidden, etc. Walls, windows, cabinets, fixtures, furniture, everything is a component. I left the inside white so that you can color it any way you want. There is a bath with a 3x3 shower and a composting toilet (Separett). It has an LG washer/dryer combo, sink, cooktop, microwave and a fridge. It has an extra long twin bed which doubles as a couch, a closet with drawers and a table. I've allowed for a trailer height of up to 24". There is no loft per se but there is a storage area over the bathroom. THere's a pocket door on the bathroom and a flat roof with a deck and railings that fold down while traveling. Some of the components are available individually on my 3d warehouse page. #house #kitchen #roof #tiny #trailer
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