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h1z1 Professional Group Base

h1z1 Professional Group Base

Aj D.
Huge base, needs lots of metal, and repairs, but very safe for cars and lots of decoy shelters and blockades from raiders. Fits nice at ruby lake, or the villas. Roof cannot be accessed from the front. 6 individual shelters in garage (heart of base) each with there own gate and door. gates swing inside so do not impede car traffic. can fit 6 cars in garage, 4 on the side of garage, and 4 around in the covered areas in the individual tampers. minimum of 6 gates have to be breached before getting to vaults in garage, wich is 180-200 ied just for vaults. Raiders will need at least 4-500 ied to get to everyones crates. thats if they dont waist them on all the decoy shelters on outter and inner walls.
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