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Poker Chip (Printable)

Poker Chip (Printable)

Daniel C.
A printable poker chip whit the walue of 1. 4cm dm,c.3mm thick. Hollowed out for less fillament and light weight. Slabillity poles added inside so they dont brake. Can be stacked easily. EXTRA:The triangular "carvings" are representing (0):s and the rectangular ones represent (1):s. It is a binary code for the pokerships walue read from center out. Why you wonder? Two reasons: 1.If it would be a "real" chip it would be easier for a robot to read the walue. 2.I will model more chips in other walues. 3.It's awsome!! Stay tuned for more cool stuff to print! Sorry if there's a misspelling. Please inform. #3D #3dprintable #awsome #chip #chips #cool #game #nice #poker #printable #toy
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