McDonald's (Finch and Weston) Restaurant (1970s  - 1990s)

McDonald's (Finch and Weston) Restaurant (1970s - 1990s)

Bill Wrigley
A typical McDonald's restaurant common in the 1970s and still seen today. The classic double-mansard roof was introduced in 1969 and quickly became identified with the McDonald's brand. It was during the fast food chain's rapid expansion in the 70s and 80s that the double-mansards were being built, which explains why there are so many still around. This model is of a particular outlet, a company owned store in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, located at 3415 Weston Road (Finch and Weston). This is the way it looked when it first opened (I worked there so I know) on November 1, 1973. I even remember the smell of the fresh window caulk. Not shown is a drive-thru that was installed several years later. This location was closed in 2004, replaced by a newer structure a block away. The original structure was eventually razed. The interior includes a period-correct menu board (check out the prices), molded fiberglass seating booths (ugh!) and some kitchen equipment. The sink and ice machine in the back of the kitchen were borrowed from the 3D Warehouse. A McDonaldland kids train (a model of it is in my collection McDonald's Vintage) was meant for the centre aisle of the lobby but was too large to allow this model to upload. Missing are the rest of the seating, wall decorations for the lobby and the remainder of the vintage kitchen equipment, like a fry and shake station, fume hoods around the grill and other various components that I'm working on. These will be uploaded soon to my collection. This model is geo-located at the following coordinates: 43.749195N 79.541188W #1970s #1980s #70s #80s #Bill_Wrigley #Canada #fast_food #Finch #mansard #McDonalds #Ontario #restaurant #Toronto #vintage #Weston
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