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Starfleet Watchtower

Starfleet Watchtower

No better way to keep watch over you territory than with this watchtower! The modular build makes it possible to addapt it to any commander's wishes, and the built-in, 360° phaserstrip coverage also make it easily defendable against ground assaults. Add a phaserring to the shaft for added protection against air-based threats and you can see as to why you never should need to worry again with a few of these around your base! Original design © Ryan Dening for Star Trek Online. As always, if you use the model, creditation is required. By downloading this model, you also agree not to redistribute it as it being your own, including selling it or making physical models without requesting permission from me. You only acquire a license to use the model, not to own it. #BorgMan #Defence #Guard #LCARS #Phasers #Ryan_Dening #Star_Trek
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