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Foscam Wireless Indoor Camera (and like) Sun Shade / Umbrella

Foscam Wireless Indoor Camera (and like) Sun Shade / Umbrella

Timmy L.
Foscam (and Foscam like) indoor IP camera sun and rain protection adapter This product works with any brand of camera that looks like the Foscam I show in the picture with this posting. The cameras are all probably made in the same factory in China anyway no matter who puts their name on them.... I got tired of covering my Foscam cameras every time rain was forecast - where I live it doesn't rain all that often so I didn't have to do that very often. The down side of my approach was unpredicted rain. The cameras are rugged but they really are not built for outdoor conditions. My solution was to invent a sun and rain cover for the cameras so the worry of rain would no longer be an issue for me. The sun where I live (Southwest US desert) is brutal and can cause issues with the plastic and occasional overheat shutdowns. This product provides shade when the sun is shining and a "umbrella" protection for all but the most severe wind blown rain (sideways rain). I would estimate that where I live the "umbrella" protection provided by this product will be sufficient for 95% of the rain my cameras will ever encounter. In the event of a more severe rainstorm (normally those are predicted) the lawn or trash bag "encapsulation technique" i have used in the past will be utilized to protect my investment. There are two kits available - one for normal camera upright mounting and one for cameras mounted upside down. That means the product works with the normal mount whether the camera is sitting (upright) on it or hanging (upside down) from it. This product is for the upright camera mounted configuration. A kit for the upside down mounted cameras will be available soon. This product is held on the camera assembly with two (for redundancy) high quality rubber bands (provided as part of the kit at no extra charge). Rubber band color may vary but feel free to request a custom color if you have a specific requirement. The "roof" of this product is of single piece plastic construction (very similar to an upside down bowl) which will NOT leak in even the most severe rain conditions. The "roof" portion of the product can be either red, white, or blue as this is an AMERICAN conceived, engineered, and manufactured item made entirely with materials of totally unknown national origin. Black is also available for non-patriotic folks but for $1 more each as a special request. The "tube" portion of this product below the "roof" has triple wall construction provides superior beam strength and is made from corrosion and abrasion resistant high density polyethylene. This portion of the product is strong and durable but lightweight. This portion of the product is VERY similar in construction and material composition to Lowe's product #187408 only it is a whole lot shorter.... This portion of the product is painted flat black or left white on the outside and black on the inside. The black on the inside reduces reflection of the IR "lights" on the front of the camera used for nighttime illlumination. The light port (hole) in the side of the "tube" portion of the product allows for roughly a +/- 30 degree horizontal rotation and about a +/- 30 degree vertical rotation as the camera is panned and tilted. If you desire a larger vertical or horizontal field of view you can easily enlarge the light port (hole) in the side of the "tube" with a sharp knife. A sharp knife is NOT provided as part of the product.
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