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20140414 Maker Faire Design Challenge Kyokoo

20140414 Maker Faire Design Challenge Kyokoo

Kris Y.
I believe that we all are explorers in our Maker Universe. We can merge new technology with old dreams to create new ships to explore the universe in search of our own buried treasures. We must find our crew to help us on our journey of discovery for we walk on the shoulders of giants and what we dreamed of only yesterday, our children can accomplish in a blink of an eye today. This is for my children, all I wish for them is to be launched into space so that they may find their own uncharted seas to explore. This is my plywood ship to sail the Maker Faire Universe ocean. The following is a breakdown of some of its features: 1) The deck of the ship is raised 1' off the ground. The stairs to deck can be used as seats for weary travelers. The main deck, although being 14' in length, fits within a 10' x 10' grid by spanning the diagonal of the grid. 2) In the aft of the ship there is an additional seating area to find respite and watch the never ending flow of travelers. Beneath the aft seats are our secret smuggler compartments to hold our valuables and gear. 3) The wooden sides of our ship at the port and the bow provide space for up to (4) 24" x 36" maps or posters to help our fellow travelers find their way in the Maker Faire Universe. 3) The main mast can be collapsed to 8' in height, with the nested portion of the mast able to be hand winched to a height of 14'. There are also handles to allow the nested portion to be raised by six crewmen. When fully extended, the mast is locked in height by 6 wooden blocks. 4) The main mast is animated by the use of a salvaged bicycle, which powers a 36 tooth gear, which in turn powers the 60 tooth gear at the bottom of the mast. Free rotation of the mast is accomplished by (6) two inch wheels, accompanied by a VBX 17" turntable which locks the mast to the platform while providing additional rotational support. 5) The 15' diameter umbrella sails of the ship are made of 18 oz vinyl coated polyester tarpaulin. They have been segmented into 2 levels allowing wind to blow through the upper and lower level to guard against wind uplift. The umbrella sails provide both shade and rain protection in case of stormy seas. 6) The frame of the sails become the supports for our plunder of the the Maker Faire Universe. These treasures would be marked with the booth number from its origin, to help us remember our journey. The ship is meant to be the symbolic center of the Makerfaire Universe. 7) At the top of our mast is our beloved Makerfaire pirate robot. He adds an additional 4' of height to our ship for a total height of 19'. He holds our pirate swords to fight our imaginary design battles. For portability, the platform and mast can be fully disassembled if required. But because the main mast and sails can be collapsed, it can be also be shipped partially assembled which will allow for easier setup at the next destination. The height of the collapsed mast and umbrella will be 8' (removing the robot signage) The platform can be disassembled completely with minimum fasteners. I realize the complexity of my ship. I will welcome all design criticism for I am really a novice at the complexity of proper fabrication details. I have not put in the notches for proper corner fitting. The 3d model has been constructed with all of the pieces as components which match the cutting diagrams. I can make all changed quickly to allow for revisions. My regards to the makers of Sketchup, thanks to the gracious websites of Shelter 2.0, WikiHouse and AtFab. "Make" has always been an inspiration to me because the power of the 'Verse is how you apply what skills you have with skills you need to have to pursuit your dreams. This is what I do, I need to see how far things can go, There is so much to do, and time is a-flying. Kyokoo #Maker_Faire_Design_Challenge
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