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WWIII Fallschirmjäger Leopard 2 A7DK tank with Mine Plow

WWIII Fallschirmjäger Leopard 2 A7DK tank with Mine Plow

andrew S.
Used primaily by the Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger and some special units of the Heer, the Leopard 2 A7DK/AI (Airborne Insertion) tank is also seen in use by allied US Army, US Marines, British Royal Army, French Army and some Israeli units. the tank is a minor upgrade to the stock Leopard 2 A7DK, the only major changes being that the AI has hooks attached to the outer hull to suspend the tank unde a transport helicopter, despite the fact that the tanks are generally para-inserted from C130 Hercules on large pallets suspended under larger parachutes. This particular tank, Beta-Blue Actual (yes, a nod to Halo), has a mine plow attached to it, indicating that the tank is a point vehicle to be used to make a path through Eastern Asian Colition minefields and used to open holes into buildings. #A7DK #Airborne #Army #Bundeswehr #fallschirmjäger #French #Insertion #Leopard #Mine #Plow #Royal #US #USMC
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