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Fortress Areas 25, 26 27 for Module B2 Keep on the Borderlands (9034)

Fortress Areas 25, 26 27 for Module B2 Keep on the Borderlands (9034)

This is the Fortress described in the D&D 1st BASIC Set boxed set from TSR publications circa 1970 (?) Module 9034 B2 Keep on the Borderlands and described therein as Areas 25, 26 and 27. I added the side access walls as reference. Note the design had to undergo some decided modification due to some of the Window and Door positions depicted in drawings and another SketchUp project that was itself a rough rendering of the entire Fortress complex and its building environs. This final rendering is almost 10-feet higher than the depicted pictures, drawings and that mentioned prior SketchUp project to accommodate proper dimensions for the majority of the building's doors, windows and architecture. Regardless, enjoy and I do hope you like this project. I intended it as a 3D rendering for use in a Table-top RPG game setting and the individual levels allowed a better rendition for the players and my time as a long-time Dungeon Master. Cheers! #9034 #B2 #DD #Keep #Keep_on_the_Borderlands #KOTB #TSR
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