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Art. 2551

Art. 2551

Russell H.
5MM is created completely in satin stainless steel (free from any trace of iron, chrome or nickel) and is available in the flat surface version (55 mm long, 210 mm deep and 155 mm high) and in the wall version (150 mm long, 220 mm deep and 60 mm high). The 5MM design expresses the essential characteristics of the technology that generated it - its constant thickness is in fact five millimetres - as well as the outflow of water from its spout, and the internal passage with all its mixing capacity. This patent actually allows water to pass through five millimetres even in the flat version. Using a single thickness for all parts of the tap, for the control handles and also for all series applications make the 5MM design light, impalpable... almost delicate. This is a technology where every detail has been studied to ensure an innovative appearance, an avantgarde line and at the same time pay the greatest attention to eco-sustainability and saving water. #ARCHI #BATH #ITALIAN #LUMION #MAXWELL #PODIUM #podium_b #SHOWER #STAINLESS #TAP #VRAY
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