Take from The Hunat Hatun Complex  Turkey

Take from The Hunat Hatun Complex Turkey

The austere and stately Mahperi Hunat Hatun complex is one of Kayseri's finest Seljuk monuments, built in the 13th century during the reign of Sultan Alaattin Keykubat. It comprises the Hunat Hatun Medresesi , with its shady courtyard now used as a cafe, the Mahperi Hunat Hatun Camii (mosque) and a still-functioning hamam The city has been continuously inhabited since perhaps c. 3000 BC[citation needed] with the establishment of the ancient trading colony at Kultepe (Ash Mountain) which is associated with the Hittites. The city has always been a vital trade centre as it is located on major trade routes, particularly along what was called the Great Silk Road. Kültepe, one of the oldest cities in Asia Minor, lies nearby. #Arabesque #geometric_art #Islamic_art
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