It's time to get back to basics. Life is complicated enough these days as it is without you getting ripped off on a major purchase like a vehicle. /Be/ is a new kind of car made by Zetra automobiles. The /Be/1 eschews the bells and whistles and instead gives you an outstanding value for money. The first /Be/ ever made, the /Be/1 is a practical city car, comfortable car for a small family, and a hybrid all in one. With a 3 cylinder engine coupled to a large battery, the /Be/1 has an estimated fuel economy of 65 city / 65 hwy / 65 combined. While it's true, you can't choose the paint color or add options that are standard on most cars, for $7,000 the /Be/1 lets you break free and just be. #Be #Be1 #Be_motors #hybrid #lowcost #made_up_car_brands #Zetra
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