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Hiccup's Riding Harness

Hiccup's Riding Harness

Viking Dragonmaster
In the movie How to Train your Dragon, the protagonist Hiccup, develops three sets of equipment, the first is a specialized harness that allows hiccup to ride Toothless comfortably, the second is a mechanical artificial dorsal tail fin which is actuated by a stirrup pedal mounted on Toothless' harness, Third is a special harness worn by Hiccup in order to restrain himself onto the back of Toothless, The Harness itself comprises of Broad leather shoulder pads, two cross straps fastened by looping the straps through brass rings on the straps, a brass center medallion, a lower belt where the lines (which link the two harnesses together) is mounted and a back plate. #Brass #Dragon #Harness #Leather #Riding #Straps
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