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R-8285 Bike Locker

R-8285 Bike Locker

Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd.
Bike lockers provide the best security for cyclists—offering ideal protection against weathering, theft and vandalism. R-8285 lockers feature heavy-duty plastic construction designed to withstand high impacts and tampering from prying devices and other invasive tools. Compact and sturdy design offers convenient storage at commercial buildings, college and university campuses, multi-family residences, busy transit stations and other urban locations. Encourage integrated communities by supporting a healthy and responsible means of transportation. Bike lockers accommodate any standard-size bicycle, including electric bikes and mopeds. They feature simple, non-intrusive installation, making them easy to install and relocate if needed. Unique, triangle design also ensures lockers can be configured to suit any parking environment. #Architecture #Bike_Locker #Bike_Parking #Security #Site_Furniture
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