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Lifebelt - Type VIIC U-Boat

Lifebelt - Type VIIC U-Boat

The lifebelt is cork filled with heavy canvas outer, with a grab rope. The 3-D model is base on original German measurement and wartime photographs. Colours are base on the original standard Kriegsmarine paints colours that include Blaugrau 58/1 (A medium to dark grey with a hint of blue), Blauschwarz 58/2 (A very dark blue), RAL 9005 (Black), RAL 9001 (Cream) and RAL 9010 (Pure white). Other colour includes from the Ostwald's color circle are Grün 22 pa and grau g. #Floating_device #Kriegsmarine #Lifebelt #Lifebelt_Life_belt #Type_II #Type_IX #Type_VII #uboat #uboot #Unterseeboot #WW2
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