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Lumia 920 - cyan -  German Version - 3rd ver.

Lumia 920 - cyan - German Version - 3rd ver.

Nein A.
Nearly perfect copy of the Lumia 920. The only part still lacking is the windows flag on the front of the phone: The original is askew, while the model is square atm. Apart from that: The screen texture is a screenshot of my phone. The camera and flash are scanned from my phone, (on an Epson WF-3520). I used the warehouse model "LUMIA920" by "馋狼饿猫" as a starting point. I created this model to use as a reference to make a QI-Charging stand for the phone. I will upload that once I'm satisfied with it. I will also upload the models I created as reference points for the charging coil and the pcb. #Lumia #Lumia_920 #Microsoft #Nokia #Phone
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