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The Normandy SR2, Reimagined

The Normandy SR2, Reimagined

Anonymous U.
This is a remade model of the version of the SSV Normandy reproduced by Cerberus in Mass Effect 2, incorporating modifications to all aspects in order to make its design more realistic. It was done for the Fanfiction story "A Leader to All," which is linked to this model. Here are the ship's specifications: Dimensions: Length: 162.10 m Width: 67.0 m Height: 20.17 m Volume: Hull: 42,200 m^3 Total: 42,330 m^3 Loaded Displacement: ~4,800 metric tons Power: Primary: Pulsed FRC magnetic confinement fusion reactor, D-He^3 Secondary: Chemical fuel cell banks Tertiary: Explosive Flux Compression Generator array Quaternary: Direct energy converters for reactor emissions Propulsion: High Gear: Magneto-inertial confinement fusion torch engine, D-He^3 Low Gear: Twin metastable helium IV-A linear aerospike rockets Atmospheric: Twin dual-mode ramjet/scramjet engines Special: Tantalus linear attraction drive (reactionless) Reaction Control: Embedded hydrazine booster arrays Deceleration: Twin concealed forward boosters, airbrakes, drag chutes Armament: Kinetic: (1x) 350mm x 100 m magnetic accelerator cannon Missiles: (20x) High-velocity 500 kg HEF, (12x) High-velocity 50kt nuclear shaped charge, (40x) 100mm air-droppable anti-armor Bombs: (5x) 2,000 kg guided bunker-penetrating, (5x) intelligent multipurpose cluster munition, Directed Energy: (2x) Phased array laser emitters in variable-cant mounts #A_Leader_to_All #Broken_Orbit #Mass_Effect #Normandy
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