Load Cell
This 3D printable >>compressable washer<< is used to measure the load (pressure) when you tigh a bolt, you need to calibrate it by putting different waights on top of it and read the OMS to Characterise it (draw a graph), then you can calculate the pressure your bolt applies as you tigh it. We use these Load Cells to tight 4 screws with the same pressure. This one is modelled specifically for 12mm thick bolt, 25mm Diameter spring and a specific linear potentiometer... it uses 3mm Diameter set screws x4 to lock the 2 parts so that they can slide but not turn on eachother nor separate. If it's perfect for you, happy printing! Or, it might inspire you to do your own :) More variations to come, stay tuned... #cell #compressible #load #measure #pressure #screw #washer
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