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USketch Theater

USketch Theater

The second building in my "College Series". The theater's exterior is made up of glass and masonry stones. The interior is fully developed. The stage is 50' by 25' with a semi-circle protruding in the front, with the radius of 12' 6". The floor level (pink seats) faces the stage directly. The lower level (blue seats) forms a U shape around the stage. The upper level (red seats) extends from the lower level; also forming a U shape. There are six exits/entrances. There are two on the floor level, two on the first concourse and another two in the second concourse. Above the upper level, there are sixteen private boxes for corporates. The theater is designed to hold events such as musicals, plays, concerts, speeches, conventions, among others. My rough estimates show that the capacity could somewhere between 2,500 to 4,000. It's really hard to know how many people it can set if the seats are about two feet wide. (Although there must be a very easy way of doing so, I just don't know it yet.)
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