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Kfperin's MInecraft Server

Kfperin's MInecraft Server

This is a simple layout of my concept for a new spawntown on Kfperin's Minecraft Server. The gray areas are all roads, the green areas parks. All of the uncolored (light blue/white) buildings are just plots, these can be purchased by businesses, pubs, hotels, guilds etc. The large park with the rust-colored box is the spawn (with a large park around it). The pink-roofed building is City Hall. The green-roofed building is the SER HQ. The orange-roofed building is a large arena/theatre. As you can see, the city can be exited by 4 large roads heading diagonally out of the city. There will also be a large subway station underneath the central square. Residential areas will be outside this city core.
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