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Designing the 21st Century School - 6: Commons/Library Area

Designing the 21st Century School - 6: Commons/Library Area

fred bartels
Some thoughts on this area. 1) The "hilly" feature in the middle brings a naturalistic landscape into the middle of the school, acknowledging and connecting to our natural heritage. 2) This feature also provides lots of nooks and crannies for groups of various sizes to gather. 3) With laptops/tablets desks are not always needed to get work done, students can work in bays on the outcropping. 4) Traditional desks could be placed in some areas around the perimeter of the commons. 5) Shelf areas for the library can be minimized by moving many books out to department lobes and by acknowledging how much information is now available on line. Next up is the "town center" which will lie between the commons and cafeteria. #21st_century_school #commons #library #outcropping
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