Hi fellow modelers and modelettes.. I really haven't gotten chance to make new models well.. since SOMEBODY broke the computer and well my dad took weeks trying to make a new one with new parts.. and guess what it's finally finished.. lol So I'm back I'm not good because of time of 45 min only in school and the librarian thought I WAS PLAYING A GAME DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol so anyway i'm back and wanna ask your opinion what to make? My interests are : Houses, Modern, Furnitures, Rooms, Kitchens, Luxury, and etc ( check out my models to be sure ) and I lost count of how many models I made not the things like Sorry Vlad the models for the 3D warehouse not comments... lol so i don't kno where im at... anyway.. I can't work with curved objects like cars, spaceships T_T but I can make Spheres... maybe domes maybe not,,, uhh cylinders... I don't kno So I really need your help on this guys what should i make..? one legitimate Thought gets a trophy.. and be specific.. don't say house say a modern white villa with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms in the forest..!! like this.. Well have fun thinking~~ #Competition #Help #Houses #What_model_should_I_make #What_should_I_make #What_to_make
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