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Amiens Cathedral

Amiens Cathedral

Myles Zhang
This projects creates a fully interactive model and animation of Amiens Cathedral. It is a collaboration between the Columbia University Art History Department and the Center for Career Education. As the apotheosis of Gothic architecture built during the height of the medieval era, Amiens Cathedral is a dynamic and living structure. Alongside the Parthenon, it is taught each semester as one of the two great works of architecture on the university’s Art Humanities syllabus. This project is part of a longer documentary about Amiens for the instruction of Art Humanities students. Visible here is one component of the project for student use; students can explore the cathedral exterior in any sequence they desire Amiens has undergone significant revisions and the destruction of almost all its medieval stained glass windows and large parts of its nave. Through digital modeling, it is possible to restore the structure to its original appearance as its builders intended it to be experienced. Through video, we can recreate and expand the intended audience of this building, recreating digitally the experience of pilgrimage. This model is an abridged version of the full-size file. To download the full size file which features a recreation of medieval Amiens and a comprehensive reconstruction of the cathedral interior, please follow the link below: (file = 115MB)
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