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Old Growth Pecky Cypress Outlooker Beam

Old Growth Pecky Cypress Outlooker Beam

Millwork For Food
This was my first attempt at using SU. My goal was to help a client envision how six of these would look if added to an overhanging, second-story, section of her historic home that had been expanded. Using digital photos that I took of that area of the home, I was able to copy the six pieces into the photo and even get them to look dimensionally accurate using the perspective tool (after much trial and error- just watch the instructional videos! It's much easier that way.) For some reason, however, I wasn't able to get the beams to retain the pecky-cypress texture "paint job" that it had in the design process. Maybe that's in another instructional video!? #beam #corbel #cypress #decorative #historic #old_growth #outlooker #outrigger #pecky #scroll_cut #wood
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