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First Model of Super Mega Chasis

First Model of Super Mega Chasis

Blair RoboBears 2016-2017
Our first model of the RoboBears 2016-2017 Velocity Vortex Chasis. This year we decided to have omni wheels on the front and back for easier turning and a 4" diameter rubber wheel that is slightly larger than the omni wheels, so it creates a pivit point or just a point that the robot can put pressure on during turns. Our very first model had a geared down 3:1 ratio, at the time of this model we had a geared down 2:1 ratio but we currectly have a geared up 2:1 ratio. We chose to have it this way because in the past we have had very heavy robots direct driven and the motors held up fine. We are trying a geared up ratio this year because increased manuverablity will be very valuable due to the very few particles on the playing field this year.
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