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1987 Ford F150 Extended Cab

1987 Ford F150 Extended Cab

This is another model downloaded from a website about 2 years ago, it was a Carpenters truck without a bed, and was originally for 3Ds Max 8.0, so I put it in Sketchup and modified it so it can be remodeled. I am not entirely finished, I still need to remodel the tailgate as it is not completely acurate and looks like a Chevy Tailgate, The front end grill is being remodeled so it is not 100% to its original year. The name of this model is "Zombie Truck" because it is a 3D model of a real truck we were going to make a Zombie Movie with, but we switched over to a police movie, so this model is waiting to be finished so we can see what we can do to modify it. Enjoy! #1987 #F150 #Ford #John #Keller #Kip #Ranger
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