Flag Pad
The United States and Greek flags were always flown side by side on base. This was the site of the daily late afternoon retreat ceremony where any airman within view of the flag must stop and salute as the flags were being brought down. The streets were typically deserted at this time. Iraklion Air Station was part of the US Air Force Security Service. Its operation began in the early 1950's and the base was closed in 1994. Thousands of airmen passed these flags during these 40 or so years, and most have very fond memories of their days on The Rock. Further info at: http://mysite.verizon.net/yenrav/ias/ #6931st_security_group #air_force #crete #ditty_bop #flags #greece #iraklion_air_station #retreat_ceremony #security_service #usaf #usafss
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