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Zidrii Hive

Zidrii Hive

Inteligence reports brought by the last escaping survivors of the Pegasus Legion after the Beta Colony Massacre informs that when the Zidrii secured the planet, gigantic versions of the Invasion Pod crashed on the ground and began to grow at an exponential rate. In a period of weeks these amazing structures rises on different locations around the planet and start emanating gases (some believe this mixture of gases is their breathable atmosphere) and spores of the Red fungus that begin to cover the surroundings of the area. Imperial Xenobiologist Dr. Kratos Poledorus from the Saganni Institute theorizes that is an atempt of terraforming invaded worlds, but the real purpouse of the Hives is still unknown. The Zidrii Hives does not possess any armament, but are protected by an organic armored hull which can regenerate itself and never stop growing underground. The Hives are always surrounded by swarms of Battle-Armors and Hunter-Killers.- #Alien #Alien_invasion #galactic_Empire #Invasion #monster #monsters #Sci_Fi #Soldiers #Space #space_soldiers #space_war #Spaceship #War #Zidrii #Zidrii_armada #Zidrii_Empire
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