1997 Mitsubishi FTO         Super Touring Car

1997 Mitsubishi FTO Super Touring Car

[smo] Monkeyy-3
This car really got me through the Rally series in Gran Turismo 3, so I'm grateful for this car. If anyone wants to add the texture, feel free to do so. Just give credit to Polyphony Digital Original by Polyphony Digital ------------------------------------------------------------ "A super touring spec that was made under the concept "FTO Evo"." In Mitsubishi's long history, probably its most stylish front-wheel-drive sports cars remains the 2nd-generation FTO. Debuting in 1994 as a 2-door 4-seater, the FTO won fans with its distinctive macho wheel arches, but unfortunately, production came to an end in 2000. For a short period, Mitsubishi toyed with the idea of a new evolution in the FTO line-up, and even presented a radically tricked-out dandelion-yellow FTO at the 1998 Tokyo Motor Show. So the Gran Turismo team ran with that idea and created an FTO evolution with super-touring specs. The engine is the same familiar turbocharged 4G63-type 2L DOHC inline-4 as before. Tuned for durability rather than excessive power, the engine produces around 394 BHP. But by way of compensation, the car generates considerable torque at low-to-medium revs, making it easy to drive. The exterior was made wider to accommodate the wide tyres. The charming 'Coke bottle' lines have been emphasised in this version. A large spoiler was mounted in the rear, generating substantial downforce. And with the addition of the front lip spoiler and side skirts, the rectification of airflow under the car was improved. Due to the FTO's smaller overall profile compared to the Lancer Evolution, a high top speed is expected. The drive system is designed for a touring car but still employs full-time 4WD. However, the drivetrain does not incorporate any of the high-tech AYC/ACD devices found on stock Lancer Evolutions. Instead, the same active torque-split system actually used in WRC races is installed for better durability. This is the next evolution of the FTO. #David_A #FTO #FTO_Super_Touring_Car #Gran_Turismo #JGTC #LM #Mitsubishi #Mitsubishi_FTO #MK3 #Monkeyy3 #Polyphony #Polyphony_Digital #smo #Super_Touring_Car #Touring_Car
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