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“- Locomotive "6100 Royal Scot" by Mylyn

“- Locomotive "6100 Royal Scot" by Mylyn

Locomotive "6100 Royal Scot" The original 6100 locomotive, was the first of its class, built in 1927 by the North British Locomotive Company in Glasgow. It was named Royal Scot after the Royal Scots. There are build a lot of numbers of this locomotive. The 6100 locomotive was renumbered 46100 by British Railways after nationalisation in 1948. In 1950, locomotive 46100 was rebuilt with a 2A taper boiler, and the words "Prior to conversion" were added to its nameplates. It became a markedly different engine. In October 1962, the 46100 locomotive was withdrawn from service in Nottingham. Extra information “Hello Everyone”... I have a great 3D Gallery Website where you can show off all your 3D Models... Or maybe your personal SketchUp Collections... every one is welcome... it’s all Free! and simple to join... At my Website... The name of my site, where you can find this locomotive, is called: Sketchup3000 "5 Star Model's" Gallery You can find it on: - Lyn - #Ballast #British_Rail #Locomotive #Locomotives #Mylyn #Rail_track #Rails #Track #Trains
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