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Type-51 Carbine

Type-51 Carbine

The Carbine is the Covenant equivalent of the UNSC BR55HB SR Battle Rifle and the BR55 Battle Rifle. It is a semi-automatic weapon that combines high accuracy with decent stopping power. It is used primarily for mid-range combat. Unlike most standard-issue Covenant weapons such as the Plasma Rifle, the Carbine does not run on a battery. Rather, it fires solid, radioactive projectiles from an 18-round cylindrical magazine, sometimes suggested as being analogous to a "stripper" style magazine.It has a similar feature to the assault rifle and the battle rifle: telling how much ammo is in the clip. It is sometimes carried by Brutes and Elites, though this is not usually their preferred weapon. In the hands of an enemy Brute or Elite, they can be deadly, allowing them to engage their enemies at mid range with deadly accuracy. #alien #birdman #carbine #covenant #gun #halo #halo_2 #halo_3 #weapon
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