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Sloped Family Solar House 2

Sloped Family Solar House 2

This house is placed on a slight slope (see also my other <a href="">Family house on a slope</a>) and produces more energy than it consumes, due to its extensive solar cells array. Everything here is electric-powered: heating (in the ground), appliances, windows and doors, smart house computer system, safety devices etc. Apart from that, this is the first house that I designed as it's actually built, from the ground up: concrete foundations, wood framing, walls structure & assembly and so on. It's not a big house — actually it's rather small and compact, but I tried to make a good use of its vertical space (see the bedrooms and the bunk bed system), which is often left unused. A great looking, energy-saving, nature and environment-friendly dwelling for a family of four, built of wood and other natural materials , with lots of sunlight and optimized living space. Placed on a small ground lot, easy to sustain and clean. Everything layered and fully furnished. Minimalistic interior design. As always, made by yours truly. ツ #contemporary_architecture #fully_furnished #interior_design #micro_house #modern_apartment #small_building #small_house #small_living_space #tiny_house
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