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EliAcoustic Flag Luxury Old Wood

EliAcoustic Flag Luxury Old Wood

EliAcoustic-Acoustic Decorative
With Acoustic Flag Luxury we have put together the best of acoustic absorption and diffusion. Angulation geometry breaks the parallelism of the walls. With Flag Premiere Luxury we can reduce the formation of Flutter Echo and generate a surround sound. Its wood finish gives an elegant look. Their different color finishes: Cherry, Old Wood, Black and White, let you integrate into any style and decor. 595 x 595 x (21 - 79) mm Foam Type: M1 Installation: EliGlue Forte Units per box: 4 Finish: Wood #absorption #conditioning #decoration #eliacoustic #flag #hiend #homecinema #music #noise #sound #textil #wood
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