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2 World Trade Center Tapestry

2 World Trade Center Tapestry

This Is a Model Of The 2 World Trade Center Tapestry. It was a gigantic (6.10 x 10.67 m) piece made of wool and hemp, specially commissioned for the WTC and sadly perished on September 11th, 2001. The Tapestry Hung In The Lobby Of 2 WTC Facing The Plaza. Miró had initially turned down the NYC Port Authority‘s commission, because he had not created tapestries before. But several years later, at the urging of some Spanish nuns who wanted a tapestry for their hospital, Miró acquired the skill from a village tapestry maker. After Miró finished the piece for the World Trade Center In 1974, he decided that tapestries were too much work and stated that he would not make any more. But then he got a call from the The National Gallery of Art in Washington, which had seen the World Trade Center Tapestry and wanted one for its new East Wing. So Miró did one more, and that was the last tapestry that he did. Thanks To hlostoops For The Basic Model! This Model Includes The Lobby Core, The Tapestry & The Sign Description (RARE)...Enjoy!
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