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Genome Center

Genome Center

UCD Sketchup Model
UC Davis is in the enviable position of having a large number of talented labs across the biological spectrum. However, we face the challenge of maintaining our position of leadership while assimilating the many new genomic technologies and high-throughput methodologies that are becoming available. We therefore developed the concept that the UC Davis Genome Center would be the technological antenna in the genomics arena for the campus. The Center should provide enabling genomics technology that is not readily available elsewhere to all research groups on campus who wish to use it. However, given the speed of technological change, this technology service component cannot be static but must continually evolve. Whatever is current today is likely soon to be outmoded. Consequently, in order to keep the Genome Center current, there needs to be a core of faculty closely associated with it whose research interests require that the core technologies provided by the Center are maintained at the cutting edge. Prepared by the UC Davis Sketchup Design Team in coordination with the UC Davis Landscape Architecture department. Modeled by Mark Hernandez
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