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Aquarius Class Gunboat

Aquarius Class Gunboat

Chris H.
The Aquarius Class Gunboat is used for patrolling star systems and escorting small fleets. It's main laser turret is powerful enough to blast through thick shielding. Designed to be maned by a crew of just four, the Aquarius Class has little space for living, leaving space for the smal but powerful fusion drive, and workings for the huge main turret. It can patrol for 6 weeks without needing to restock supplies of food, or 12 weeks with a skeleton crew of 2. It has limited autonomous capabilities, allowing for extended periods of patrolling, up to a year before needing refuelling. This is only my second ship with an interior. Thanks to Paul H. Manning for the seats :-) #battle #battleship #cannon #gunboat #heavy #ion #laser #light #medium #patrol #ship #space #star #starship #stock #superheavy #turret #war #warship
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