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Skum Acoustics - Kubus - Foam Bass Trap

Skum Acoustics - Kubus - Foam Bass Trap

Skum Acoustics
The KUBUS cubic bass traps (low-frequency acoustic absorbers) have a simple and high-efficiency design. Their cubic form makes them ideal for mounting on top or bottom corners, at the angle of union of three sides of the room, where there is a higher concentration of resonant modes, thereby optimising the acoustic performance. They are made with our high performance ZHFR acoustic foam and are the perfect complement for completing acoustic treatment with classical bass traps, forming a set with a professional appearance and an exceptional performance. Absorbent cubes (bass traps) for corners, 300 x 300 x 300mm cubes. Boxes of 2 or 4 units, to cover up to 4 corners. ZHFR acoustic foam, charcoal grey or garnet, self-extinguishing, E-d0 (EN 13501-1). by Skum Acoustics #absorbentes_acústicos #absorbeurs_de_basses #acondicionamiento_acústico #acoustic_absorbers #bass_traps #basstrap #Skum_Acoustics #sound_treatment #traitement_acoustique #trampas_de_graves #tratamento_acústico #tratamiento_acústico
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