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Tropical themed Ceiling Fan with lights

Tropical themed Ceiling Fan with lights

I have seen those fans in stores that have blades that look like leaves. After seeing that, I decided to make an entire ceiling fan based on a tropical theme. I looked here in the warehouse for one and did not find it. So that meant I had to make it. This being the first fan I made, I think it turned out better than I expected. If you are wanting a fan that is original and designed by thinking outside the box, This is it. I also tried to keep the file size down somewhat. The file size is smaller compared to other fans with similar quality and detail. This can work anywhere from a restaurant (which I will use for mine) to a kids bedroom. If you are doing something tropical themed or if you want a custom look, This is your fan!!! You won't find another one like this on sketchup. If you use this, Please give credit. Thanks. And enjoy! This fan is a different version of an earlier fan that I made. Only difference is, This one has lights and the other one does not. The version without lights is still available and you can get it by going to the following link. #Bed_Room #Bedroom #Ceiling_Fan #Fan #Furniture #home #House #Living_Room #Office #Restaurant
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