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Believein (Download To Google Earth or Google Earth 4)

Believein (Download To Google Earth or Google Earth 4)

If you noticed ,the continent Belevein is not in google earth. So I had to put it in. I CAN NOT BELIEVE THAT GOOGLE FORGOT TO PUT THIS CONTINENT IN GOOGLE EARTH LOOK AT THE SIZE OF IT!!!!! You know that the Fantasyies (Believein's Most populated People) could sue them. If you know a lot about Belevin you don't need to read this: Since Google might not know where believein is I'll tell you about Believein. Belevein has two countries. North 1. Fakeishstan Leader: Art Vandelay South 2. Realstan Leader: Some Evil (actual name) Also It may look like two islands but it is connected by a bridge. P.S. If you want to see the bridge type in A bridge between two countries and click on the one that's by Sith121. #Continent
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