QEI  Quantum M-Series Solid state fm broadcast transmitter

QEI Quantum M-Series Solid state fm broadcast transmitter

Designed for years of trouble free service, the totally solid state QUANTUM M-Seriesof FM transmitters, provide an unsurpassed broadcast signal. The QUANTUM M-Seriesof 1.2 to 5.4 kilowatt transmitters offer the FM broadcaster the benefits of QEI's unequaled background in FM solid state performance and reliability. QEI developed the QUANTUM M-Series utilizing decades of real-world field proven experience in solid state FM transmitter design. This completely solid state design offers significant savings by eliminating tube replacement costs associated with conventional transmitters. The QUANTUM M-Series offers high efficiency resulting in additional savings in power consumption and reduced heat loads. The QUANTUM M-Series of transmitters features modular power amplifiers and is available in power levels between 1.2 and 5.4 kilowatts in 600 Watt #antenna #audio #broadcast #fm #ham #radio #radio_tower #rf #sound #tower #transmitter
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