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Skum Acoustics - Kontur - QRD Diffuser

Skum Acoustics - Kontur - QRD Diffuser

Skum Acoustics
KONTUR is a one-dimensional sound diffuser based on a QRD (Quadratic Residue Diffuser) mathematical sequence that has been innovatively optimised to reduce the comb filter phenomenon that often occurs in diffusers designed with periodic mathematical sequences, therefore achieving an exclusive diffuser with an excellent level of sound dispersion in the range of frequencies between 630 Hz and 8 kHz. Its quadratic design means it can be turned 90º to achieve sound dispersion along multiples axes. The combination of diverse units, alternating their orientation, enables the achievement of a two-dimensional set with optimal incident sound diffusion in all directions of the space. Features · Sound diffusers with an optimised QRD design (Quadratic Residue Diffuser). · Designed with mirror-image sequence to eliminate the comb filter effect. · Optimal performance in the range from 630 Hz to 8 kHz. · Its quadratic design enables a change in orientation to obtain diffusion along multiples axes. · May be easily painted using water-based paints only. · Sold in boxes of 4 units for optimal shipping efficiency. One-dimensional QRD sound diffuser of 600 x 600 mm (130 mm thick). Boxes of 4 units, manufactured in high-density EPS. Colour: white. Optimal sound dispersion from 630 Hz to 8 kHz. by Skum Acoustics #diffusion #diffusor #QRD #room_acoustics #room_treatment #Skum_Acoustics
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