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SAR-20 Sputtof

SAR-20 Sputtof

The Small Automatic Rifle Model 20 "Sputtof" is a Sub-machine gun firing 9 mm with an open bolt system. Firing system: when the trigger is pulled, the bolt will be launched forward, taking a round with him on its way, and finally , when reaching the end of the chamber, the bolt will detonate the round. The recoil will send the bolt back and the magazine will launch the empty casing out of the chamber when a new bullet appears to be picked up by the bolt the next shot. Reloading magazine: to reload the external magazine, you push the front button, which opens the lock doors, giving space for the bulge on the magazine to move down. The springs will close the lock-door and the doors in turn will push the button out. When putting the magazine back, you don't have to push the button, because the doors have a slight angle, whcih opens them when the magazine is pushed up, but will stay closed when the magazine is past the doors. Variants: SAR-20A --- First production variant SAR-20B --- Same as the previous, but with a front-handle mounted around the magazine for better grip. SAR-20C --- With a guard for the magazine release-button, upgraded stock and several minor improvements. Removable front-handle, as well as a removable floodlight for night fighting. (update: the SAR-20C now has a symmetrical magazine) #9mm #automatic #open_bolt #SAR20 #SMG #Sputtof
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