Revolutionary street sport Designed by and for football lovers FUTTOC - Like table tennis, but without paddles; like volleyball, but with no hands; like football, but without goal posts. Feet, chest, head, knees; anything goes, even climbing up on the table to the playing fi eld, suspended 70 cm above ground. We’re talking about a fun, dynamic sport that allows football players to improve their technique. Futtoc uses an oval-shaped table very similar to a ping-pong table, and the players must pass a football made from a lighter material over the net. It can be played by single-player teams or in pairs. The rules are very similar to those of table tennis in terms of scoring and serving, and the ball can be passed to the opposite fi eld with any part of the body, except the hands, just like in football. The participants can also climb up on the table to return the ball with even greater determination. All this makes Futtoc a “very entertaining, explosive sport suitable for all ages”
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